About Mari

I have studied Tantra with world renewed educator Margo Anand founder of High Sex/Sky Dancing Tantra since 1997, Steve & Lokita Carter from Ecstatic Living Institute in Napa Valley, Ca , Julia Tindall, author of "Tantra for the Modern Day Lover" in Ca. Lori Grace in Marin, Ca at the Heart Institute.

My desire is to help you weave back love, bliss and passion into your relationship with yourself and with your Beloved. WE must first learn to care and nurture ourselves in order to pour out this present and loving "way of being"in order to attain a higher awareness" High Sex" principle . This is the true art of Tantra living in a ecstatic and conscious loving way. I wish you a wonderful journey of exploration, growth, love, and many many delicious sacred moments. My approach is gentle, lighthearted, playful and fun,so come and experience for yourself whether you choose to host a small in home gathering with friends or a private session with you beloved as I facilitate for you "My Tantric Flow" Approach.

My Teaching Methodology

There are many teachers of Tantra. My approach is to teach you some of the basic key principle to attain higher awareness and connectedness: breath, movement and sound to bring you into a higher state of being. This will lead you on the path of spiritual awakening and closeness with your partner/spouse. The exercises I teach for example open communication skills, sensual rituals,sacred space design, conscious breath work, and chakra(energy centers of the body)opening techniques are all done in a safe, clothed environment. All of these modalities will lead you on the path to more love, intimacy, in your life.